Abstracts of scientific works of Independent Psychiatric Journal (IPJ), 2012, 3

Man, mind, mental disorder (Introduction to the general psychopathology. Chapter from the textbook)


The concept of mental disorder is formulated on the basis of the idea of human trihotomy (spirit - the soul - the body). The independent nature of psychiatric (mental) processes has been substantiated the concept of "natural semantic metalanguage" Anna Wierzbicki, but not limited to neuronal structures. Relations of components of trichotomy for people with mental disorders have been discussed.

­Keywords: anthropology, psychology, mental illness, spirit, soul, body, a "natural semantic metalanguage" Anna Wierzbicka

To catch in 48 hours (European Court for Human Rights has made adjustments to the procedure of involuntary hospitalization)


Considered judgment of the European Court for Human Rights on the case from 22.04.2010 "Bik against Russia," as well as the problems associated with its implementation in practice of psychiatric institutions. The results achieved by the legal service IPA of Russia to ensure its execution by judiciary bodies.

Keywords: application for involuntary hospitalization, placement in a psychiatric hospital

Weather psychiatric hospital must inform a dispensary on a discharged patient?


Indicate a problem of violation of the principle of medical confidentiality in the performance requirements of claim 63 Provisions on the Psychiatric Hospital. It is proposed to apply a differentiated approach in addressing the issue, the provisions of Part 3 of Article 3 of Part 4 of Article 13 and paragraph 8 of the Federal Law of November 21, 2011 № 323-FZ "On the basis of citizens’ health protection in the Russian Federation’

Keywords: medical ethics, patient, psychiatric hospital, mental hospital

Weather right of patients in psychiatric hospitals to a daily walk can be limited?

A.G. Ustinov

Consider the problem of limiting the rights of patients in mental hospitals to a daily walks, indicate the need for amendments to the Mental Health Act

Keywords: right to walk, patients of psychiatric hospitals, restriction, monitoring